Blix & Vega

Blix & Vega is a transmasc dyke erotic comic about an emo and a metalhead that have sex with each other. It began as my cooldown comic in 2021 while I was working on the backend of the much heavier and darker comic Hole and I suppose in that way you could consider them companion pieces (you probably shouldn’t consider them companion pieces). All of these were initially serialized through my Patreon and future installments will be as well.

Themes include: bullying your girlfriend, being bullied By your girlfriend, and various objects entering various holes.


This first issue is 44 pages and has been called “fun”, “exciting”, “porn slapstick”, and “containing a lesbian Johnny Bravo”. Join Blix and Vega as Vega attempts to get work done and Blix persuades them into having sex instead.


  • Under the desk oral!
  • Cunnilingus!
  • Facesitting!
  • Rimming!
  • Vaginal strap sex!
  • Blatant fetishization of being a huge pest to your partner!


This 20 page follow-up issue about Blix annoying Vega after they get home from the gym and being put in their place(?) about it contains:

  • Strap-on titjobs
  • Strap-on blowjobs
  • T-cock blowjobs
  • Anal fingering
  • Complicated leather harnesses that were hard to draw
  • Athletic wear that was easy to draw
  • Fun role reversal
  • Kind of a sweat thing

specifically to get YOUR rocks off!