Support Me

If you are a fan of my comics, the best way to support me directly is to throw me a few dollars a month on Patreon or buy the digital versions of my comics on On Patreon you’ll get to see all of my comic projects (including Hole) before they go public (sometimes months before) and on you’ll be able to directly buy DRM-free PDFs of (nearly) all of my comics. The best part about both of these services is that you’ll have access to the adult content that I don’t post elsewhere in addition to everything else.

If you are a fan of my illustrations, the best way to get a print of anything I have made is to either track me down at a convention or head over to my INPRNT. I try to keep it current with new art I make.

If you aren’t particularly interested in buying anything and don’t want to commit to a monthly Patreon pledge I also always appreciate it whenever people wanna toss me a few dollars on Ko-Fi.