Blix & Vega Collected Edition Kickstarter Launch!

Hellooooo everyone! Exciting news!

I have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a print run for a perfect bound, 68 page, 5″x8″ version of both issues of Blix & Vega!! If you’ve never read the comic, now’s a great chance to check it out! If you’re an old fan, there’s still some things you can get out of the Kickstarter even if you don’t want to purchase it again!

The book itself will feature a risqué t&a cover hidden behind a tasteful Risograph printed bellyband, for both dynamic viewing purposes and to preserve the modesty of your smut bookshelf.

Following the sexxxy adventures of the titular Blix (thembo metalhead) and Vega (moody emokid) as they have sex with eachother, the genre of this comic can best be described as kind of an erotic slapstick. Check out the campaign page itself for more examples of that.

In addition to just the printed comic itself, the main thing I’m offering through the Kickstarter other than the comic itself is this limited edition linocut block print of our main duo! It’s available both as an addition to the book and by itself, and comes in multiple colors, so that even old fans not interested in purchasing the comic itself again have new exclusive Blix & Vega content they can access through this campaign. (The above images are simulations, the actual print is still in progress.)

Here’s that link to the Kickstarter again. Thank you guys so much for your support over the years, and I hope I can count on it again! Tell your friends!

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