My friend Mark Bouchard (It Took Luke, Leaf Peepers) and I made an 8-page Hellraiser fancomic, with them writing and me drawing! UNWOUND is an Extremely Gorey tale of two lovers deciding to meet the parents and discovering just how badly that can go.

Previously only available on my Patreon and in person at shows, it is now available for sale as both a digital pdf via my itch.io account and as a physical zine through my shop.

In addition to the comic launch, I have also updated the Viscous Discharge Press store to include more prints! If there’s anything there you’re wanting to grab why not pick it up with a copy of the Hellraiser Unwound zine? 😉

Chapter 03 of Hole has started!

Click here to start reading it, or of course you can check out new pages ahead of time over on Patreon!

I’m very excited to share this one with you all. It marks the end of the “opening” section of Hole, and after this we can start drilling down into what this thing is actually about. Sorry, I made this about drilling hole. I’m sorry.

Another thing I wanted to mention because I think I have neglected to outside of my socials (my bad! still getting used to this) is that as well as Hole updates and prints mailed to you on my Patreon I also have a series of pup play human pets based around different dog breeds up for the NSFW tiers. Here’s a little sample if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in:

The upper torso of a thin, pale woman with long blonde hair done up in pigtails that poke out of a pale leather pup hood. In her mouth is a bone-shaped gag, and a collar around her neck leads to a leash going off the page. Before the page cuts off, we see her arms bound in armbinders and pasties covering both her actual nipples and two more sets on her upper torso trailing below them.

Lastly, while it feels tacky to tack it on at the end here like this, I wanted to say that the ongoing genocide in Palestine is still ongoing, and that whatever anyone can do to help bring attention and aid to the plight of the people there is of the utmost importance right now. An organization I belong to, the Cartoonist Cooperative, is doing a donation drive wherein people who donate E-Sims to the people of Gaza can get art and comic rewards from various people in the Co-op. While I myself had to drop out of contributing art for health reasons, there are many more people involved who would love to reward you for whatever you can contribute at this time. The only thing any of us really have in this world is eachother, and we have to take care of as many as we can.

Viscous Discharge Press Launch

I finally set up another online store to sell physical goods through! Introducing Viscous Discharge Press!

I have zines up there for five comics–all drawn by me, with four of them also written by me and one written by Adam V Massimiano (that one’s Death-Tell Clicker). All of them are black and white interiors with color block printing on the covers. This is my first time doing mixed media zines like this and I’m pretty excited about it!

Excitingly, this also means both issues of my erotic comic Blix & Vega are now available in print for the first time! I know a few people were asking me if I’d ever have it available in print, and now the answer is yes!

Right now all that’s available through the site is zines, but I’ve been working a lot with linoblock printing lately as you can see and I’m hoping to start selling block prints and original ink drawings and stickers and the like through the site before too much longer.

Go check it out!